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      GRRM Interview bei

      Ein neues interessantes Interview von GRRM für CLICK

      Hier ein kurzer Auszug:

      RAR: You're known for working at a comfortable pace.
      You're working on a lot of projects, you take your time and you offer
      really dense, detailed volumes. Has the pace of the TV series actually
      put any pressure on you or changed your pace of writing?

      GRRM: It had not initially, but it's starting to do so,
      yeah, because they're making faster progress than I'm making. So, I had
      a huge lead to begin with and I still have a pretty substantial lead
      over them, but it's not as substantial as it was beforehand. [Chuckles.]

      RAR: I would guess that you've had conversations with
      the actors about what you feel the background of each of the characters
      is, but have they in turn inspired any changes that you've incorporated
      into your writing of the characters now in the later books?

      GRRM: Not really, not so far. I mean there's one
      particular actor who I've talked about -- Natalia Tena who plays Osha --
      and as I've commented in other interviews, when I first saw she was
      being considered for the role, I thought "Well, she's all wrong for this
      role. I don't know why you're bringing her in. She's too young and
      she's too pretty and you know she's not at all the character." But then I
      saw her performance, and she was just great. She was mesmerizing, and
      her Osha is much better than my Osha. So, I think when I come to write
      about Osha again, which may be in this book that I'm writing now,
      Natalia Tena may be in the back of my mind and I may take it a little
      more in that direction. But that's really the only case. In most cases,
      you know I've been living with these characters... I started writing
      this book in 1991, so that's a long time, and my view of the characters
      is very firmly fixed in my head.

      Ganz interessant was er über die Serien-Osha sagt. :P
      “They can keep their heaven. When I die, I’d sooner go to Middle Earth.”
      - George R.R. Martin -